Best VPNs for Popcorn Time

For those who don’t know it already, Popcorn Time is an innovative application that makes video watching a lot more easier, combining torrenting and a built-in video player. There is only one problem with this great software: it is using torrent downloads from public trackers in the background, so the IP addresses of the users can be easily exposed. It is already public knowledge that downloading from torrent sites can get you into trouble, and you need to hide your IP address using proxies or VPNs, and Popcorn Time requires the same protection. While it has a built-in VPN, we really don’t recommend to use it because it is painfully slow or not working at all.

What do you need to protect your Popcorn Time movie-watching sessions is a VPN that:

  •  is serious about privacy and doesn’t log your activity
  •  doesn’t block or rate-limit torrent traffic
  • has an outstanding track record of not playing police role or turn against their customers
  • provide a very fast and reliable service

These are the recommended VPN services we are using on a day-to-day basis:

Private Internet Access (read full review)

A very good and really affordable VPN service, with many encryption options available and a very good network. Torrent/P2P is not restricted in any of their locations and their VPN software has some great features that go hand in hand with Popcorn Time, if you want to be safe: Internet kill-switch, IPv6 and DNS leak protection, port-forwarding, SOCKS5 proxy.

VPN.AC (read full review)

An excellent VPN service, operated by a security company. They put a strong emphasis on security, provide customers with a great support experience and their network speeds are the best we experienced in our testing. Torrent is not restricted.

TorGuard (read full review)

Like their name suggest, TorGuard is a VPN service focusing on torrent privacy. They allow P2P transfers in many locations using their VPN, and they also provide proxy services.

iPredator (read full review)

IPredator is a VPN service from Sweden, founded by the Peter Sunde who is known for being the former spokesperson for The Pirate Bay. IPredator has very fast servers in Sweden and one can reasonably expect them not to give up against copyright trolls.

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