Some important facts about what we do:

Our editorial team is formed by two network engineers who’ve been working in web hosting industry for over 5 years.

All VPN Reviews that we write are 100% legitimate, and we test the VPN services ourselves over several days, at different times of day/night to check actual performance – we do not copy & paste from other sites or providers’ claims.

We are not sponsored by any VPN provider and our policy is to remain neutral, not to recommend services for our own financial gain. Unlike many other review sites that are doing SEO affiliate SPAM, all our reviews are unbiased. We run advertising on site to cover the hosting costs and to pay the VPN accounts we buy from providers to test them, but we only post ads from providers that we tested and can vouch for.

We choose which VPN services to review at our discretion. But we pay close attention to our visitors’ feedback, so if you want us to review a VPN service, let us know which one, and we’ll put it under the microscope.

If you are a VPN Service Provider and want us to review your VPN service:

  • Be aware that we do not write advertorials, nor do we do articles designed either for SEO purposes or to boost a provider’s reputation;
  • If we discover some problems in our tests, or we spot false claims or other ‘bad’ features that we don’t like about a VPN service, we will mention them in our reviews – we do not hide anything from our audience;
  • If a VPN provider solves any problems we have found and lets us know, we will update the review, but we will not delete our earlier findings;
  • We do not provide high scores easily, so don’t expect us to give everyone 9 or 10 out of 10;
  • Self-promoting comments are marked as SPAM instantly, and providers engaging in fake customer comments/reviews may get their review score lowered;

If the conditions above have not scared you already, and you are looking for a non-biased review of your VPN service, feel free to contact us

Speed test methodology

We run our speed tests from very fast broadband connections (over 120 Mbps) and also from gigabit servers, in order to to make sure that we have enough bandwidth power to get the best possible speed out of any VPN server. For the most accurate speed results, we prefer to download big files such as Linux ISOs or large files from hosting providers and network carriers. We also use BitTorrent in our tests, downloading Linux ISO files.

Affiliate disclaimer

We use referral links for some VPN services that are scoring high in our reviews and we think that are above average in terms of service quality. However, we do not make recommendations based on commissions, which means that we aren’t recommending provider X over provider Y just because we are getting affiliate commissions from provider X. The affiliate commissions help covering VPN sign-up costs  (we never ask for free accounts to test VPNs), hosting costs (we run speed tests from rented servers to ensure good connectivity) and – of course – pay for our work.