PayPal starts banning SmartDNS Unblockers and VPNs

According to news published by TorrentFreak, PayPal has banned Unotelly – a popular SmartDNS geo-unblocker service. We made a quick research and it seems that other popular DNS unblocking services are affected by this decision, such as Unlocator and Unblock-Us. These three services are arguably the most popular DNS unblockers.

Read the official announcement on Unotelly’s website.

This PayPal decision comes just a few weeks following Netflix’s announcement on blocking proxy/DNS unlocking services and it’s already common knowledge for VPN users that their services are no longer working in accessing Netflix in different regions.

Considering how popular PayPal is as a payment method, this stance against such services is very serious, in fact its effect might be disastrous, as they also freeze the funds in seller’s account for up to 180 days.

This is very bad news and it’s safe to assume that others will follow, such as the duopoly formed by Visa and MasterCard.

If you aren’t already using Bitcoin, you should start using it. It’s better for you and for the privacy/security & unblocking industry, in general.

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