Best VPNs for Torrents 2015

Update (February, 2017): latest post on what are the Best VPNs for torrenting, 2017 Edition.

Using BitTorrent or similar P2P protocols to transfer other stuff than Linux ISO files is a risky business, especially if you live in a country with strict copyright rules such as the USA. To avoid DMCA notices and other problems, it’s best to hide your IP when torrenting files, and VPN services are very useful for this purpose. Below we compiled a short list of VPN providers that are P2P friendly and do not block torrenting.

Private Internet Access (read full review)

PIA is an excellent service giving a great bang for the buck. The do not restrict torrent/P2P usage in any of their locations and their VPN software has some great features that go hand in hand with torrent downloads, if you want to be safe: Internet kill-switch, IPv6 and DNS leak protection, port-forwarding, SOCKS5 proxy.

VPN.AC (read full review)

VPN.AC is a truly awesome VPN service, not US-based, with strong focus on security, a great support experience and top notch speed. P2P/torrenting is not restricted.

TorGuard (read full review)

Like their name suggest, TorGuard is a VPN service focusing on torrent privacy. They allow P2P transfers in many locations using their VPN, and they also provide proxy services.

iPredator (read full review)

IPredator is a VPN service from Sweden, founded by the Peter Sunde who is known for being the former spokesperson for The Pirate Bay. IPredator has very fast servers in Sweden and one can reasonably expect them not to give up against copyright trolls.

Free VPN for Torrenting

Be warned before you use a free service for torrenting. Just like any type of service, it should be obvious to anyone that a good service comes with a cost: bandwidth, support, features, locations and so on. With a free service, you aren’t going to benefit from premium features. For this reason, we recommend to use only paid VPN providers as they are cheap enough nowadays. But if the price is a problem, then you can use the following free VPNs for torrenting:

VPNBook (read full review)

VPNBook is a free VPN that allows torrenting. It has free VPN servers in Romania, in the same datacenter where many premium/paid VPN providers are hosting their hardware. We also suggest to check our research on the legitimacy of their service: Is VPNBook a honeypot / SCAM service?

FrootVPN was removed from the free VPNs list because it is no longer providing a free VPN service.

We also suggest to check our tutorial How to secure torrent downloads, regardless of what VPN service you use.

4 thoughts on “Best VPNs for Torrents 2015”

  1. Worst logless VPN’s of 2014

    Blackvpn – Scammers will take your money then disappear even though service only worked for a day then stopped. Had to fight with their payment processor to get them to refund as per their refund policy. – Incompetent support, if you have a problem they will give you canned answers and basically pass you off to the next tech, sort like a phone company. They gave free 6 month subscription after all this but wont respond to support to actually get service to work.

    Earthvpn – Another incompetent company i ditched when service didnt work initially and the one guy who runs this gave a bunch of smart ass unhelpful responses. Admin was also caught logging user data after saying he doesnt log and handed it over to police.

    Purevpn – One of the worst, service barely works most of the time and support is a indian callcenter, people barely understand how to use a computer much less how to help someone get a vpn working. Worse part they dont even read what you write so nothing gets solved. Tiny 3-day refund window i asked for a refund within, tried to delay refund, complained to payment processor, they deleted my support tickets and have refused to comply, read their customer feedback in their forums, im not the only one they have done this to.

  2. Thanks for article. I have already used vpn for several years and found an optimal variant for me. It’s This service has unlimited bandwidth, keeps no logs, provides fast support, will return you money if you’re unsatisfied with their work, has different protocols, low price etc. Every vpn service have some gaps (experience has proven) but this one is much better for me then others.

  3. NordVPN claim to be offering 70% off. On their registration form they enter the code “70off” automatically. I tried to register for what appears to be a great offer. After clicking register it simply says “ERROR Coupon code “70off” is not valid use a valid coupon only”. Its their own code, they inserted! I then had to suffer what they claim to be “customer service” having a futile discussion with this imbesile with a purile attitude making contradictory statements. Abysmal, I strongly advise against ever signing up with such an amateurish organisation, who have such a blatant disregard for customer service and seem to take no interest in a potential customer and one that is alerting them to their own failings:

    *** Molly joined the chat ***
    (09:44:14) Molly: Hello. How may I help you today?
    (09:44:19) Visitor 39343896: Your site isn’t working properly
    (09:45:21) Visitor 39343896: I’m trying to sign up and your site is offering 70% off, its automatically putting that into the registration process with the code “70off”, but when I press register is say the coupon is not valid.
    (09:45:42) Visitor 39343896: Very frustrating when its my first experience of your service, not a great start
    (09:45:54) Molly: Yes, we are aware off this. Sale most likely ended and someone forgot to take the banner down. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    (09:46:10) Visitor 39343896: It says he sale doesn’t end for 3 days!
    (09:46:13) Molly: You may email us at and we might still offer you a dealbreaker like 70% discount.
    (09:47:08) Visitor 39343896: I’m expecting more seeing as its still on your site, I’m notifying you off the issue, its my first experience with you and I spent 5 minutes writing a message before you came online
    (09:47:25) Visitor 39343896: I don’t expect to take up more of my time when I can easily go to a competitor
    (09:48:22) Molly: We do not force our potential clients to choose 🙂
    (09:48:35) Molly: Sorry for the inconvenience.
    (09:49:09) Visitor 39343896: OK, if thats your attitude, I’ll happily post my review of my experience with NordVPN and take my business elsewhere
    (09:50:45) Molly: There is no attitude sir, we just do not force our potential customers to choose us by compromising their own decision.


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