Free VPN: Review

VPN Service Description

JustFreeVPN Service is yet another Free VPN Provider which touts its 3 servers, in different locations, one in the U.S, another one in Canada and a latter in UK. While the description on their homepage states that they provide (the) ”fastest and most reliable FREE VPN Connection” our speed tests show a completely different picture.

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Free VPN: Review

VPN Service Description VPNBook Free VPN Service describes itself as a privacy-oriented provider, using services designed with the latest and most advanced crypto techniques ”to keep you safe on the Internet from the prying eyes and hackers”. The VPN Service seems anonymous according to domain whois and claims to be based in Switzerland. UPDATE (11/03/2013): … Read more

Free VPN: Review

VPN Service Description is a Free VPN service, as their name provides, that touts itself as being the ”world’s most trusted (…) and secure” Free VPN Provider. The service doesn’t seem to belong to a registered company, but it is rather maintained by an individual from Hong Kong, according to domain whois data. Features Free VPN … Read more

How to setup a VPN connection on Mac OS X

Setting up a VPN connection on Apple’s Mac OS X is a straight forward process. The Operating system has built-in support for all the major VPN protocols and it can also provide detailed traffic statistics for each connection.

This guide was developed using Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” but it applies to all current OS X versions, including 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8.

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