Free VPN Providers

Here is an up to date list of Free VPN providers we tested out

VPNBook: provides free VPN using PPTP and OpenVPN. They have two servers in Romania. Check our VPNBook Review

JustFreeVPN: Provides free VPN using PPTP in US, UK and Canada. Check our JustFreeVPN Review

BestUKVPN: Provides free VPN using PPTP in UK. Check our BestUKVPN Review

BestCanadaVPN: Provides free VPN using PPTP in Canada. Check our BestCanadaVPN Review

CyberGhost VPN: Provides free VPN using OpenVPN in a location nearby (you can’t select it). Check our CyberghostVPN Review

More providers will be added to the list. Let us know what free VPN providers you know/use and we will check them out.

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