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Bestukvpn is another free VPN service, so we will grade it a such. We were very happy with the performance, browsing and media streaming were not an issue and we feel that it's a good free service overall. It offers stability and performance although the encryption is a bit outdated but it's still a service you should consider if you are looking for a free VPN option.

VPN Service Description is yet another free VPN Provider. Their website is clean and uncluttered but it doesn’t give much information about the guys and girls (presumably) that operate said service. While digging through some whois info, we managed to tell that they run another website and VPN service, namely (check the BestCanadaVPN Review).  However, since it is a free VPN service, it shouldn’t matter too much who is behind it.

There are some banner ads on the website, so it’s obvious that the free VPN service is funded by advertising. We already stumbled across other free VPN services based on the same model: service comes free of charge but the VPN password is changed regularly, so you have to visit the website again to get the new password, generating more views of banner ads, thus more money for the website.


The website provides the basic info needed to connect to their services.

They operate a single VPN server in the UK (as of April 24), hosted by UK2, one of the largest hosting providers in the World.

As we pointed out in the description, this is a password-based VPN service, so the user has to go to their website on a regular basis to get the new generated password.

They advertise the service as “streaming friendly” so we weren’t surprise to find a section on their website that links to BBC iPlayer, Spotify, Sky Go, ITV, View TV and such.

PPTP (MPPE 128-bit encryption) is the only supported protocol and this scores low on our score-cards. While it is a highly-compatible protocol, we would’ve liked to see other connection methods and protocols, such as L2TP and/or OpenVPN.
Keep in mind, though, that this IS a free service, with few limitations so we can give them this benefit of a doubt.

Speed and reliability

We didn’t expect amazing speeds to begin with, given that they are providing PPTP, which is slower than L2TP or OpenVPN. Since it is also a free VPN service, it’s likely that there are many users connected to the service at the same time, which should result in high bandwidth usage and slower speeds . Anyway, speed was quite decent as we averaged 2 to 3 Mbit/sec which is enough for browsing and video streaming. The best speed we got was around 10 Mbit/sec a few times.

The connection was stable for 4 hours in one of our tests, until we disconnected manually because it seemed that connection hanged. On other test it hanged after two hours, or approximately 400MB transferred. So it is quite stable in our opinion, but don’t expect to stay connected all day long.

Video streaming

BBC iPlayer worked very well in our tests, taking some buffering breaks every now and then, but not too often.

Logging Policy

All they say on their website is that users should not abuse the service.

No illegal activities allowed with the service. In case of abuse, users’ VPN access log is subjected to expose to related authorities


Best UK VPN Service sits tight next to its competition in the Free VPN market. The speed tests show that the service is good enough for browsing and media streaming. Actually, there is no major difference in speed between Best UK VPN which is a free VPN service compared to some of the paid VPN services coming from another league (we are speaking only about PPTP speeds here)

The website offers a decent amount of setup guides so that most users shouldn’t have any trouble setting up the connections, regardless of their technical skills. We give it a score of 7/10 in the Free VPN category.

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