5 reasons to use a VPN Account

1. Secure your internet traffic

A VPN connection provides encryption between you and the VPN server, which means you can browse securely from an open WiFi network (fast food, restaurant, airport etc.) reducing the risk of data sniffing/interception by unauthorized folks.
Always keep in mind that online passwords and authentication cookies can be easily stolen by attackers if they have access to any network between you and the servers you are connecting to.
No matter what you do online, such as logging in to your Facebook or banking account, you most likely do not want others to intercept your communication and have access to the data, or – even worse – modify it.

2. Bypass Internet Censorship

Internet censorship is a common practice in countries like China, UAE, Iran and others. If you are living in those countries, or you are simply traveling abroad, using a VPN account you might be able to bypass Internet Censorship

3. Have access to Geo-Restricted Websites

There are planty of streaming websites blocking content to visitors from foreign countries. Such services are Netflix, Hulu, BBC, Spotify, Pandora, Apple TV and the list goes on. Using a VPN account you will be able to access such services because your IP address will be the one from the unrestricted country

4. Anonymity

Perhaps you don’t want to be easily tracked. But there’s a fine line between being anonymous and committing illegal activities (see below)

5. Doing illegal online activites

It’s a known fact that many people use VPN accounts for illegal purposes. We are not going to provide you any advice on what VPN provider to use, but rather suggest you that if you’re up to do some illegal stuff online, no VPN provider will provide you 100% protection. Depending on the gravity of your illegal activity, you will most likely be tracked down. So you better be aware in the first place!

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