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Review Summary

TigerVPN is a decent service, but they still need to put some work into the software features and their infrastructure.

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TigerVPN is a VPN service based in Slovakia providing 300 servers In 43 countries that has been around since 2011. In 2015 they opened another office in Bucharest, Romania as well but the jurisdiction remains that of Slovakia, meaning that all legal matters will be disputed accordingly.

In order to set up an account, you only need an e-mail address for the confirmation. Once confirmed, you will be logged in to your dashboard with a free trial of 500 Mb with 2 possible simultaneous connections.

Privacy and Logging Policy

TigerVPN has a no-logging policy in place. The privacy policy states that they do collect some information for improvement purposes, but we found that only generic information is collected (such as connection dates not times, amount of data and so on).


TigerVPN offers software for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. They also provide free Shimo With TigerVPN. Shimo is a VPN client for Mac and it’s a 50 dollar value so we suppose it’s a good deal if you are interested.

the Windows software is very user-friendly but doesn’t really have too many options available.

The app allows you to start a free trial, as mentioned before with a 500 Mb traffic limit.

The main page of the application allows you to select the server location of your choice.

There is also a favorites tab that allows you to save better performing servers, which can be a useful feature. No other options available however.

The “settings” tab however provides very little possibility for customization.

Besides the TCP override (which they explain should be used when experiencing low or unstable connections) there is nothing else available to configure. There is no auto-reconnect, kill-switch, app killer or anything else really. The customer support rep told us that they are still developing the app and that features such as auto-reconnect and kill-switch are on the to-do list, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


TigerVPN uses AES 256 CBC encryption with 2048bit RSA for key exchange.

There is a mention of them owning their own infrastructure, but they don’t go on to explain more than that. This could mean anything, so it’s not necessarily reassuring.

The website states that they use “Meshed IPs For Enhanced Privacy – Turned on, we will constantly keep your VPN connection alive and reconnect if required. Even if you come back from flight mode or if you switch networks.” The fact that customers are not identifiable via the IP they use {since it’s shared by many users) adds an extra layer of protection.

They also have a loyalty point base that is explained as follows: “Karma Points is tigerVPN’s version of a customer loyalty program We sometimes issue fun and easy to do challenges that you can complete within minutes and as a return, we reward you with Karma Points. These points have different values (based on the challenge) and you can redeem them for additional stuff added to your service.”


The Browsing speed test results were rather low.

The browsing was smooth however and we were able to stream 720p content without any issues. Anything above that is not really recommended. The 4k video we streamed stuttered and had about 45-60 seconds of buffering at times.

The torrent download speed was average. We tested out the Sweden (Stockholm) server and here is the result.

Once the limit was exceeded however, the torrent transfer got disconnected.

Mobile Performance

The mobile application keeps the theme of the Windows one which is great, but as easy and functional as it is, it’s still incomplete. Like it’s Windows cousin, the Android app has virtually no settings that can be customized but we assume that the improvement plan the Windows app is undergoing will be reflected in the Android app as well.

As far as the speed test results go, they were decent, but nothing impressive.

Browsing was fluid, streaming 720p was also done without any issues, but again, anything over this quality is not guaranteed.


TigerVPN offers the following pricing plans.

At 11.99 Euros/mo. they are quite expensive, especially considering the service. It’s not the quality that is lacking, but the number of server locations and features. There are quite a few VPN services out there that offer a much wider variety of features and locations for almost half that price. Even with the yearly discount, you’re still looking at around 6.67 Euros/mo which is decent but still not great all things considered.

They accept the following payment methods.

It’s nice that they accept Bitcoin, but we would like to see more payment options in the future. It can be a deal-breaker, especially in the VPN industry.

TigerVPN offers a free trial which consists of 500 Mb of traffic. Beyond that, there is a 7-day money-back guarantee. They do however state that Bitcoin payments and Karma points cannot be refunded, so keep that in mind.


They have a great website with an intelligently integrated live chat that commutes to your task without reloading or closing. However, finding information or certain pages on the website can be a bit tricky. It’s not exactly the most obvious website to navigate but it gets the job done and the design is great.

The customer support team was wonderful. They were very prompt and responded to our questions with personalized and pertinent answers. The e-mail was also responded within a very short period of time (under three hours). Keep in mind this was all done for a free trial account, so we feel it’s a big plus for them.


In conclusion, TigerVPN is a decent VPN service that has the right idea but still needs some work. Taking advantage of the latest infrastructure, improving the quality and content are just a few ideas, so here’s a quick breakdown of what we liked and what we didn’t.


  • Easy to use service.
  • Not US based.
  • Great website design (although a bit tricky to navigate at times).
  • Transparent company and privacy policy.
  • Free trial available (limited to 500 Mb of traffic)
  • Software available for all major platforms.
  • Great customer support.
  • P2P allowed.
  • Bitcoin accepted.


  • The software needs more features, for example there is no kill switch
  • Bitcoin payments aren’t refundable.
  • Browsing and torrent download speeds were mediocre.
  • The service is too expensive in our opinion.

All things considered, we award TigerVPN with a 6/10 for a great job on what they have done in terms of structure and design. There is some infrastructure and content work that needs to be done, and we will have to see what the future brings.

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