Apple apps on Big Sur are bypassing VPNs and firewalls

It seems that the latest macOS update Big Sur comes with serious privacy and security issues, specifically Apple apps bypassing the VPNs and firewall tools, thus connecting directly to Apple servers.
The problem isn’t just that the real IP would be revealed to Apple, but this can easily be exploited by malware, as a security researcher has pointed out on Twitter.

It is not known yet whether Apple is going to mitigate this issue by releasing a patch, but here is what you can do to keep this problem away:

– don’t upgrade to Big Sur if you haven’t done so already and keep an eye on the news related to a potential patch
– use a VPN capable router and set the VPN connection on it istead of running it on your mac. This way, all traffic, including Apple apps, will be forced to reach the Internet through the router’s VPN connection

More details on Big Sur’s issue:


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